It’s Party Time!

The Cave of Darkness launch Party is tonight! Wooty woot! I can not wait to meet some new friends at the party! If you are here for the first time thank you for the visit! Stop by often to see new content, what my fav new reads are, and any other randomness I come up with.


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Missing Out

I feel like I have been missing out! Like I have been living in complete and total darkness and have no one but myself to blame. It starts with Mermaids. You heard it…or read it right…Mermaids. Did I know there were these beautiful and sometimes frightening stories filled with these beautiful creatures? Did I even look to see? What planet have I been living on? The answers are no, no, and Rachel’s world I suppose.
This is a problem that must be remedied quickly. So for those of you who see this hit me up and tell me your favorite Mermaid tale ASAP! In the mean time I will be hiding my face until I read a few of these sweet aquatic tales to bring me up to date in the world of fantasy bookeriy.
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The Cave of Darkness

Book two The Cave of Darkness is complete pending publication from a publishing company! I am so excited for the release of this novel! The Cave of Darkness is packed with adventure, suspense, and a few shocking twists and turns. Book three The Cave of Fire is well underway and the ending will shock you. Stay tuned for the release date for The Cave of Darkness.



Whew the last year has been a whirl wind of amazing that has swept me onto an awesome journey. October will mark one year since I signed a contract with Electio Publishing and I cannot be more pleased with how amazing they are. So I want to jump the gun and start the celebration a bit early. Starting August 24, 2017 until September 23, 2017 you will have a chance to win a $15 dollar Amazon ecard. All you have to do is tweet about The Water Cave, friend my author page on Facebook, or leave a comment here on on my webpage. That easy! Thanks for all your support over the last year and just know the best is yet to come.

Just follow the rafflecopter link below to enter the drawing.

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And breathe…

Over a year ago I was a discouraged writer wondering if a publisher would ever represent me. Fortunately for me the wait is over. The Water Cave has been out just shy of two weeks and it still does not seem real. No matter how many times I wanted to quit trying there was a still small voice in my head urging me to push on. For those of you who write you know what a devastating blow it can be to have your writing rejected, even if you know it is bound to happen. You are left vulnerable to what someone may say about the very thing you have poured your heart into.

But through the rejection, discouragement, and trials there were many of you who kept me going. For those of you who have supported me, this post is for you. Thank you for being there during my frustrations, my insecurities, my failure, and even during my triumphs. Because of your kindness I can now breathe and push onward to the next step in this amazing journey.

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It is finally here! I never thought this day would come but God led me, I followed, and He remained loyal. It is an amazing feeling to be here with this piece of work that took many hours, days, months, and years of my time. Never give up on a dream, especially when that dream is lead by God.

For those interested in supporting a new author please check my book at at:!/The-Water-Cave-Book-One-of-the-Transporter-Series-Paperback/p/82832068/category=4758361


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Coming full circle

When I started this blog which finally became my author web page I was conflicted. I truly wondered if I would ever see the day that my works would been seen in print, bound by a beautiful cover. I wondered if someone could read my words and say, yeah I want to be a part of this manuscript and see this thing through.

Week after week went by. Those weeks turned into months, the months into a couple of years. I had all but given up hope that someone would see potential in my writing and be willing to walk me through the long publishing process.

But it happened, and now here we are nine days, yes NINE days, away from the release of my first novel The Water Cave. It’s almost too much for my mind to comprehend. Coming full circle in this whole process has taught me a lot but mostly I have learned that God is good and he had a plan all along even if I had given up and lost hope, He hadn’t.