Many different reasons….

I felt the need to elaborate on the last statement I made on my previous post. ‘I write so those who do not know his mercy and grace may find Him among my words and receive the hope and peace only our King can deliver.’

A few years ago my daughter came home from youth camp and said to me. ‘Mom, did you know there are at least 4,000 people in Kentucky that have not heard the name Jesus Christ.’ That statement floored me. We live in the bible belt of the US of A and there are people who do not know who Jesus is. Now that makes me sad for several reasons but here it is, adults you have the right to decide who and what you believe in. Children, teens, and young adults have that same right but if they are not exposed to the love of Christ they really have not been afforded the opportunity to truly explore what they could believe in.

It really hurt my heart to think there were kids and young adults that had not heard of the Lord. It is something that  just stayed with me. So when I began to write I thought, ‘I want to write to those who have never heard the word of the Lord.’ Not in a preachy way but just in a way that let them know God is more than an option, He is salvation, He is love.

God Bless until next time….


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