Stumbling blocks…

Stumbling blocks have littered my road to writing and publishing for quite some time. Seriously if I were to get in a vehicle and drive through my stumbling block laden road I would need a military grade tank to push through.

Stumbling blocks can leave one exhausted if we are not careful and do not take time to prepare for them. I am the first to admit I live in lalaland most of the time. My world is rosy and bright until it isn’t, until that big fat boulder of a stumbling block gets in my way. In the last two to three years, since I seriously started writing,¬†there have been many obstacles that stood in my way.

Here’s the thing, for every single stumbling block the enemy put in my way God was there to blast it to smithereens. I mean I prayed and called out to God and he was there. As a matter of fact I believe he never left my side, like never. So having a day like today where I got a little down about my writing, realizing in the writing world, (for now anyways) I am a no one. And because I am a no one in the writing world I allowed the enemy to whisper those words that I have fought so hard to keep away.

‘You can’t do this,’ and ‘You are not made for this,’ or even better, ‘You are not good enough.’

I allowed myself to believe those things for a short while today and I realized something. The enemy is crafty, he puts those stumbling blocks in our way for a reason, to make us forget that our Lord is already there. It was something I forgot today until God gently reminded me he made me for more than those hate filled words, down right lies, that the enemy spews. Then he reminded me I had a job to do and that was to remind each of you the same thing. So the next time you feel down remember you are beautifully and wonderfully made and there is nothing the enemy can do to take that from you.

God Bless until next time.

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