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I am starting to edit book two of the Transporter Series: The Cave of Darkness. I am super excited for this book as the story grows darker our beloved Meadow Fields’ heart begins to harden and she needs God more than ever. Stay tuned for updates on The Cave of Darkness along with the release of Book One: The Water Cave.



I have submitted my final edits to the publisher now we start the hurry up and wait process. Somewhere around March I should receive a galley of my book giving me a sneak peek of my cover and the exact layout of my book. I am so super excited to see The Water Cave in its entirety.



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Editing…editing…editing. That is all I have done for the past six weeks. I have about ten days left before I turn my manuscript back in to my publisher. Then it is up to them to work their magic. It is very stressful for me but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. However, I feel that the months between now and April will fly by as there is so much to do even now I wonder how I will ever have the time to do all that I would like to accomplish between now and then. Pray I make it through as sane as I was when I started…which isn’t much really.

Thank you for visiting my page. Here you will be able to follow me as I go through the process of publishing my first book. Currently, I have signed a contract for my first Christian Young Adult no…