The Water Cave

A sinister experiment gone wrong has come to haunt the life of an innocent girl sixteen years later. Injected with a serum developed by Satan himself, Meadow Fields discovers she is a transporter. Unaware of her special power until the day her soul transports to hell Meadow saves a pale, handsome young man from drowning in the lake of the Water Cave (the outskirts of hell). 

Due to an unfortunate accident Meadow herself is forced to transport to hell and is unable to come back home. Alone and frightened she is faced with the horrors of Satan and his fiends. Time is not on Meadow’s side, stuck in hell, her soul begins to conform into a demon. In the nick of time—and with the help of a newfound ally—Meadow’s soul makes it back to Earth with moments to spare. However, her world is torn apart once more when she is faced with the reality that those she loved were not who they appeared to be.

Will she be able to withstand the horrors of Satan and his forces?


Please click on your preferred link below to purchase your copy of The Water Cave.!/The-Water-Cave-Book-One-of-the-Transporter-Series-Paperback/p/82832068



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